Our Focus


We strive to exceed our clients and candidates’ expectations in in the hospitality industry and Food Tech/Delivery Industry.

Every placement we make has the key ethos of improving our client’s business and our candidates’ career in the long term.

An Example of the roles we work on


  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Chief Marketing Officers
  • Chief Operations Officers
  • Chief Commercial Officers
  • Chief Information Officers
  • Executive Chefs


  • Managing Directors
  • Operations Directors
  • Finance Directors
  • Commercial Directors
  • Marketing Directors
  • IT Directors
  • HR Directors


Head Office

  • Central Supply
  • Marketing
  • IT
  • Central Operations
  • Finance Accounting
  • Procurement
  • HR


  • Operations Managers
  • General Managers
  • Assistant General Managers
  •  Head Chefs
  • Sous Chefs
  • CPU Management